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External collaborators

We would like our guests to experience Forest Selfness in the best and most efficient possible way and thus we have invited experts from the areas of meditation, personal growth, healthy food, reflexology, to carry out the programme.

With professional approaches implemented to the natural environment our collaborators will help the participants to:

  • Restore the balance of body, mind and soul.
  • Improve the flow of their life energy and cope with their everyday stress more effectively.
  • Use the different healing effects of nature in connection with exploring their own identity.
  • Learn useful methods of relaxation and self-help that bring long term positive changes.


Katarina Čuk – meditation and personal growth

Katarina is a sincere nature lover, author and certified meditation teacher. Her Full Bliss Si meditations are combined with visualisations, easy bodily, energy and breathing exercises and affirmations and are carried out with the beautiful nature sounds in the background. This is an effective combination that helps us relax and rest deeply, calm the mind, improve concentration, fight stress and anxiety, renew our energy, explore our true nature, connect to the self and the world on a deeper level, improve the understanding of our life situations and find solutions for them, live more consciously, develop positive attitude and support ourselves on the path to our goals. In addition to all the benefits that meditation in nature offers us it also raises awareness of the importance of taking care for our environment and life in harmony with nature – and these are the topics that Katarina writes about and teaches a lot. She says: Nature heals us. We heal the nature. You can listen to one of her guided meditations online:


Kamala – culinary delights, reflexology

Kamala is a creative food artist and life friendly chef who runs her own idea-cooking workshops and entertaining-cooking shows Taste Your Dream on YouTube. She teaches how to think creatively, trust our good feelings and make the best of the ingredients that we have available. She creates ever new tastes, recipes and artistic food decorations. Her creative kitchen is not just about food, it’s about health, lifestyle, self growth and fun. It gives her inspiration for writing as well, where she connects her rich experience in the kitchen situations to those in life. She says that success principles are the same everywhere and cooking can teach us think. Her KamAlaCard life friendly dishes are based on local vegetables and fruits, imagination, full tastes and intertwining of the traditional with the modern. You can try out her recipes in the Taste Your Dream free app. Besides culinary skills, Kamala posseses manual skills, as she is certified reflexologist, who also has certificate from Traditional Chinese Medical Massage, Tuina Massage.

Our partners

Our partners who help us to execute the project. Thanks!


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Feel free to contact us.

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